Petunia Tidal Wave Purple 5pcs 1,80
Perlite 1l 0,85

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4 in stock

(Cosmos bipinnatus) Light-loving, cold-resistant plant 80-120 cm tall. The inflorescences are large, 6-7 cm in diameter. It is distinguished by closely spaced, overlapping flowers, petals, so the inflorescences look perfectly round. The middle, consisting of tubular petals, is painted yellow, with a dark stripe running around it.
The plant is light-loving and cold-resistant. It is not demanding on soils, but grows better on light soils. Seeds are sown in April-May directly in open ground. The seeding depth is 1 cm. At a soil temperature of +18°C, seedlings appear in 8-14 days. For earlier flowering, seedlings can be sown in March. The distance between plants is 30-35 cm.

Number of seeds in one package:1g.


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