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(Lithops sp.)  The succulent plant lithops (Lithops), which is popularly called “living stone”, is a member of the Aizovye family. In nature, it prefers to grow on limestone, granite and rocky dehydrated soil. Such an exotic plant has a very unusual appearance: it has only a couple of massive leaf plates, the height and width of which does not exceed 50 mm.

Grow in flower pots alone or in combination with other succulents. The seeds are very small, they are scattered in a mixture of peat substrate and sand, without falling asleep with earth. Germination ~14-21 days. Grows in a sunny position. White or yellow, rarely pink flowers bloom from July to November. Flower diameter 2.5-3cm, opens in the afternoon.

Number of seeds in one package: 20 pcs.

Manufacturer: “Toraf” (Poland).

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