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Beet Wodan F1 3g 1,20

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6 in stock

(Beta vulgaris) Pablo is a mid-season crop with an average maturity of 100 days. Beets are very plastic, resistant to adverse weather conditions, including cold snaps, so they are perfect for regions with a cold climate. High resistance to bolting and cracking, excellent immunity – the variety is practically not exposed to fungal and viral diseases. Withstands transportation over long distances. The shelf life is very long – almost until the new harvest, if all conditions are met. At the same time, beets do not lose their taste and commercial qualities. You can eat it raw, for example, in vitamin salads, you can also pickle and preserve.

Number of seeds in one package: 3g (processed!)

Packer: Kurzemes Sēklas.

Packaged professional seeds.

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