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9 in stock

(Cucumis sativus) Director F1 is a parthenocarpic early ripe cucumber hybrid with high yield. The plant is indeterminate, medium-sized, strongly branched, female type of flowering. In one node, 2-3 fruits are formed. The fruits are cylindrical, large-tuberous, dark green, medium-dense, white-thorned, 9–10.5 cm long, 3–3.5 cm in diameter, weighing 65–80 g, without bitterness. The top of the fruit is green, does not turn yellow from the first to the last harvest. Taste and marketability are excellent. High shade tolerance, long fruiting period. Tolerant to stress. Cucumber Director F1 is resistant to cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), powdery mildew (Px), cucumber vascular yellowing virus (CVYV), relatively resistant to downy mildew (Pcu). Recommended for cultivation in protected ground, as well as in open ground. Used for fresh consumption and canning.

Number of seeds in one package: 10 pcs.

Manufacturer: “Nunhems” (Nīderlande)”.

Packer: IK Ķirbītis.

Packaged professional seeds.

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