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5 in stock

(Gazania splendens) Gazania is photophilous, cold-resistant and very drought-resistant. Likes loose, light, fertile soils, preferably sandy or rocky. Calmly tolerates high temperatures. But it does not tolerate waterlogging. Inflorescences open in sunny weather and close in cloudy and at night. At home, the optimal time for sowing gazania for seedlings is early to mid-March, which allows you to get flowering plants in the first half of June. It is not too late to sow in the middle and even at the end of March – many people do this if there is not enough light on the windows in early spring. Only then will flowering have to wait until the end of June – the beginning of July. Gazania can be grown in flower beds, in carpet flower beds, mixborders and discounts, on alpine slides. It is also used as a container culture. Plants feel great in pots, balcony boxes and planters.

The number of seeds in one package: 0.4g.

Manufacturer: Toraf.


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