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(Capsicum annuum L) A variety of hot chili peppers with purple fruits and leaves. The plant grows to a height of 60-80 cm, with beautiful black-purple leaves, as well as fruits (about 7 cm) – depending on maturity, they are black-red. Hot pepper flavor. It can be dried and ground into a powder for an amazing spice. This is a great chili pepper for both the garden and the potted balcony. 450000 SHU.

Hot pepper seeds are sown in February, March in seedling boxes, plants ~15 cm long with 5-6 true leaves are exposed in a greenhouse or in open ground. Hot pepper seeds are sown for seedlings from February to April. Seedlings that have grown up for 40-60 days are planted in greenhouses or in pots. Fruits are suitable for processing, drying. Hot pepper seeds.

Number of seeds in one package: 0,2g (~20pcs)


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