Hybrid peony Buckeye Belle 1pcs 6,50
Peony hybrid LORELEI 1 pcs 13,50

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18 in stock

The flowers are dark coral-red, fading to yellowish-orange in the hot sun. The flowers are semi-filled, cup-shaped, up to 18 cm in diameter. Mid-early flowering variety. Compact hopes. The inflorescences are hard, straight, up to 100 cm high. A universal variety. APS gold medal in 1986, 2003 and 2006. – Grand champion. Over the past ten years, it has been included in the honorary badge of APS exhibitions 8 times. 2004, 2006 – the highest grade of semi-double flowers of all hybrid color groups, 2008 – the highest quality variety with coral-pink flowers.
Breeder of the Wissing breed, the variety was bred in 1964.

1 piece.

Size: 3/5 bud.

Breeder: Green Work (Netherlands).

Hybrid peony Coral Sharm.

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