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13 in stock

Job’s tears (Coix lacryma-jobi), also known as Adlay or Adlay millet, is a tall grain-bearing perennial tropical plant of the family Poaceae (grass family). It is native to Southeast Asia and introduced to Northern China and India in remote antiquity, and elsewhere cultivated in gardens as an annual. The popular name of the plant is “tears of the Mother of God”, which is explained by the similarity in shape and color of its fruits to tears. Height 50-60 cm with strong shoots, inflorescences with drooping racemes, on which small, yellow flowers are located. The main reason for growing is precisely the seeds, which resemble water droplets. Various ornaments, beads, wreaths for rosaries are made from them. dried inflorescences are used in dried flower compositions. Useful for needlework lovers. Seeds are sown in April directly in the garden with a distance of 15×20 cm. Flowering time – July-September.

Number of seeds in one package: 3g.


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