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3 in stock

(Cucurbita lagenaria) Unusual liana plant (can grow several meters), gourd family. The fruits resemble the head of a dinosaur. Planted in a warm, sunny place where there is no wind. Since this is a vine, you need support. The support must be strong enough, because the fruits are large, weighing up to 5 kg and up to 60 cm long. While the plant is young and has a thin skin, you can eat it by heat treatment (fried, stewed, stuffed, marinated). When the fruits are ripe and very hard, various crafts are made from them.

Growing: sowing seeds in closed pots (diameter 8-10 centimeters) in April or directly on a permanent place in early May; in the latter case, sow 2–3 seeds 2–3 cm deep in each position. Grow plants on outdoor plant supports or in a foil tunnel spaced 80–100 cm apart. Plants require warm, moist, fertile soils in sunny positions protected from the wind.

Number of seeds in one package:2g.


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