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8 in stock

(Lagenaria siceraria) An edible variety of lagenaria. The pulp is loose, juicy, tastes like a cucumber, and closer to ripening – a zucchini. The young fruits are eaten. Dishes and crafts are made from ripe fruits. Harvested in autumn, the fruits have a very high and unique decorative value until late spring.

Growing: sow seeds in closed pots (8 to 10 cm in diameter) in April or directly in a permanent place in early May; in the latter case, sow 2 to 3 seeds 2 to 3 cm deep in each position. Grow plants with plant supports outdoors or in a tunnel 80-100 cm apart. Plants require warm, moist, fertile soils in sunny locations that are sheltered from the wind.

Number of seeds in one package:5pcs.


Packaged professional seeds.

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