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2 in stock

(Lupinus polyphyllus) Yellow lupine 30-40 cm high, ideal for centerpieces in mixborders, flowerbeds, along decorative fences or near the house. Lupine is also recommended if your soils are depleted. Its roots contain nitrogen-fixing bacteria that nourish the soil by adding nitrogen to it. It is also an excellent prevention of soil depletion! Sow lupins annually in different areas – and in your garden there will always be naturally formed nutrient soil. This is especially true for those who are fond of organic farming and do not apply mineral fertilizers to the ground. Lupine can be planted all season – spring, summer or autumn. With summer and autumn planting, flowering will begin only the next year. However, this will allow you to form a powerful root system in advance so that the next season the inflorescences are immediately large. In the fall, plant lupine seeds at least a month before the start of frost! If you want to see blooms this summer, plant the mix in the spring. Some gardeners even sow seeds for seedlings, although you can sow directly into open ground.

Number of seeds in one package: 10 pcs. (processed)

Producer: Černy.

Packer: IK Ķirbītis.

Semi-professional seeds. Packaged seeds from large bags for professionals. Assortment that we create ourselves, based on your request and needs!

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