Melon Emir H 1gò 1,40
Melon Pinonet piel de sapo 1g 0,95

5 in stock


5 in stock

(Cucumis melo L.) Melon Junior F1 is a very early hybrid. He presented himself well both in the operation on the ground and under the opening. A plant of excessive vigor, but at the same time quite lush. The fruits are oval-shaped, rather large, reaching a weight of 0.8 to 1 kilogram. The skin is painted in sunny yellow, its surface is covered with a delicate gray mesh. But the most important thing is the thick, very juicy and sweet orange-colored flesh that everyone will like. One of the features of this variety is its immunity to false powdery rose. In addition, its cultivation always occurs quickly, which is the harvest. Ideal for eating raw or for canning.

Quantity of seeds in one package: 1g.


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