PAPRIKA (sweet pepper) Lemon Dream 0,1G 1,85
Butternut squash Serpentine F1 2g 2,40

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3 in stock

(Cucumis melo L.) Early (from germination to fruit ripening 65-70 days) hybrid variety. The fruits are creamy-yellow, oval, smooth, weighing about 1.5-2.0 kg. The pulp is light orange, aromatic, very sweet. Value of the variety: complex resistance to diseases, increased cold resistance, high taste. In areas of unsustainable agriculture, it is recommended to grow under a film cover on a spread or in greenhouses on trellises. The stems are pinched after 5-6 leaves, and 3-5 fruits are left on the plant. Watering is stopped 10-15 days before ripening. It is eaten fresh, used for making jam, honey, jam, preserves, dried and cured.

Number of seeds per bag: 5 seeds.

Trademark: Seklos.

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