Melon Junior F1 1g 2,10
Melon Pinonet piel de sapo 1g 0,95

6 in stock


6 in stock

(Cucumis melo L.) Mid-early hybrid (80-85 days from planting seedlings). Fruits are oval, yellow, weighing 4.0-5.0 kg. The flesh is thick, firm, crispy, aromatic and very sweet. The value of the hybrid: disease resistance. Recommended for fresh use, desserts, candied fruit, jam. In areas of unstable agriculture, it is recommended to grow under film cover or in greenhouses on trellises. The stems are pinched after 5-6 leaves, 3-5 fruits are left on the plant. Watering is stopped 10-15 days before ripening.

Quantity of seeds in one package: 5seeds.


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