Hot pepper (chilli) Atzeco 0,2g 2,40

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9 in stock

(Nigella sativa) Nigella is an annual herbaceous plant that is very popular today. This culture has many names – nigella, black cumin, kalindzhi, onion seed … Nigella seeds are sown for seedlings in March-April in a greenhouse at a depth of 2 cm. Shoots usually appear by the end of the second or third week. They dive in the phase of development of a pair of true leaves in peat-humus pots in order to transplant seedlings into a flower bed right in them when the time comes. Nigella seeds have a sharp bitter taste and smell, they are mainly used for the production of confectionery and drinks, they are used as a spice in baking, when pickling cucumbers, watermelons, and sauerkraut.

Number of seeds in one package:0,5g.


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