Paprika Slavy F1 15pcs 4,00
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1 in stock

(Capsicum annuum) An early variety of bush paprika. It can be grown in open ground, in greenhouses and in pots. Height 70 cm. Peppers are aromatic, up to 18.5 cm long, sweet. The walls are 5-7 mm thick. An intense red color is achieved when fully ripe. Used in food products in fresh or processed form. Can be dried, canned. Grows in a sunny place, on breathable, fertile and sufficiently moist soil, protected from the wind. The growing season is 70 days. Sowing seeds: III-IV, under cover. Planting in place: V-VI, 50×40 cm from each other. Harvest: VIII-X.

Packaged 0.5 g (~45-50 gab)

Manufacturer: Pnos.


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