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9 in stock

(Capsicum annuum) Sweet pepper Slovakia early variety of the Hungarian type. The fruits are long, conical, yellow-green/red in color, length – 14 cm, diameter – 7 cm. Inside – 3-4 chambers, wall thickness – 5-6 mm. Fruit weight – 100-120 g. Sweet peppers in Slovakia are grown in open ground. The growing season of the plant is 50-60 days from the start of sowing. Resistant to stressful conditions. Used fresh, for canning and processing.

Peppers are grown exclusively from seedlings prepared in a warm and well-lit room. Pepper seeds should be sown in pots in early spring, II-III. Then the seedlings are transplanted into the field in the second half of May, at intervals of 40 x 30 cm. Ripe fruits can be collected from July until the first autumn frosts. Grows best in light, moderately moist, well-drained soils rich in nutrients.

Packaged 0.5 g (~40-45 gab)

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