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(Passiflora caerulea) Height 2.5-4.5 m. Perennial liana, able to twist a support of any shape in a short time, forming a magnificent green screen, colored with star flowers. Fast growth, unpretentiousness in care, uniquely beautiful flowers – all this makes it an ideal plant for a home, greenhouse or winter garden. Preliminary soaking of seeds for a day at a temperature of +21+27°C is recommended. Sowing to a depth of 2-5 mm in a well-drained soil substrate, consisting of loam in half with fine sand. To obtain friendly seedlings, it is necessary to maintain the optimum germination temperature + 19 + 24 ° C and constant humidity. Picking in the phase of the first pair of true leaves, being careful (do not deepen the stretched seedlings). It is desirable to provide seedlings with a 12-hour daylight hours. For growing large specimens – planting in large containers (a pot of about 30 cm in diameter is enough). Care consists in spraying the leaves and regular top dressing in the spring and summer. Placed in a well-lit area.

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