Cucumber RODNIČOK Natur H 2g 1,40
Peas sugar AMBROSIA 50g 0,90

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5 in stock

(Solanum muricatum) Perennial, rare vegetable crop for protected ground. The stems are green, with purple spots, rather thin, flexible, up to 2 m long. The fruit is ovoid, pale cream or lemon yellow, with lilac stripes, weighing 500-1300 g. The pulp is juicy, sweet and sour, honey yellow colors with the taste of exotic fruits and the aroma of melon. Seeds are germinated at a temperature of +28+30°C on a damp surface in a transparent container with a lid, preferably with additional illumination. The optimal sowing time is the end of November – the beginning of December, planting in greenhouses – as early as possible, subject to frost protection (optimally – from the end of February to the beginning of May, since from mid-May to mid-August the fruits are almost not tied due to the long daylight hours). Plants are formed in 1-2 stems, the agrotechnology of growing seedlings is close to the eggplant, and after planting in a permanent place – to the tomato. At the end of summer, pepino is transplanted into a pot and transferred to a warm, bright place.

Number of seeds in one package: 10 pieces.

Manufacturer: Toraf.

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