Petunia OPERA F1 White 5pcs 1,60
Petunia Opera F1 Pink 5pcs 1,60

7 in stock


7 in stock

Ampelous petunia is an outstanding achievement in selection of the best cascading petunias of the “surfinia” type in the world. Unique colors – contrasting veining! The plant boasts a lush cascade of drooping, profusely branching shoots reaching a length of 70–90 cm, and genetic resistance to disease and environmental conditions. After germination, the petunias will grow at a faster pace – this particular variety of petunias is characterized by very fast growth. In this garden, petunia needs a large volume – at least 20 liters for each plant. Then it will show itself in full glory. So don’t be afraid and give this flower lots of volume.

Number of seeds in one package: 5 pcs. (seeds in granule)

Manufacturer: “Agrimatco Latvia”.

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