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Pot package - a container for ornamental and fruit plants 0,5l 100pc 6,50

40 in stock


40 in stock

Pot package – a container for ornamental and fruit plants!

Bags for seedlings and seedlings made of black film do not let the sun’s rays through to the roots of plants, have good drainage, which provides seedlings with comfortable conditions for development. In the case of very tender and sensitive seedlings, the bags can be easily cut without damaging the seedling. Made in black, which is ideal for the root system. They have special side holes that are designed to drain water. They also have folds (on the side), which allows you to make the volume of the package quite large. They are easy to store when folded. Seedling bags come in different sizes, so everyone can choose the option that is most convenient for him. Film thickness 70 microns.

Size: 8cm x 3.5cm x17cm. (0,5l)

Sold: 1 piece

Manufacturer: Lithuania


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