PUMPKIN Uchiki Kuri 3g 1,10
Bean high Monte Gusto 10g 1,20

5 in stock


5 in stock

(Silene pendula L) is an unusual variety designed for growing in pots and boxes. This small (20-25 cm) plant with thin stems extending to the sides surprises with its tenderness and lightness. Starting in late June and throughout July, they bloom with deep pink conical flowers with widely spaced petals, which have two characteristic forked petals. The plant does not need very fertile soil, any light garden soil and plenty of sun will do. Looks best on the edges and borders of flower beds with a higher contrasting background of summer flowers. It will also decorate containers, especially tall drawers or hanging baskets, rivaling lobelias.

Number of seeds in one package: 20pcs.


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