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11 in stock

(Anthirrhinum majus L) Snapdragon Madame Butterfly is a plant with large, double, azalea-shaped flowers. The plant forms a bush with a height of 60-75cm. The flowers, with a pleasant aroma, are collected in erect, long graceful racemes. The color contains the entire scale of colors and shades – from pure white, yellow, red, pink, to dark purple. Blooms profusely and for a long time. It will look great when planted in groups in flower beds in the garden, on a flower bed, in combination with other tall plants, for example: zinnia, dahlias. Cut flowers last a long time.

Number of seeds in one packet: 20 pcs.
Manufacturer: ”Muller”.
Packager: IK Ķirbītis.
Semi-professional seeds. Smaller packages for professionals (in large packages), which we create ourselves, based on your request and needs!

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