Tomato Baron H 0,1g 1,80
Tomato Berberana F1 10pcs 2,80

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3 in stock

(Solanum lycopersicum) Compact and super productive “yellow dwarf”!
Compact standard hybrid, specially designed for growing on balconies and window sills, with very sweet and fragrant fruits.
Ultra early: the first tomatoes can be harvested 80-85 days after germination.
It forms branched bushes, growing up to 15-20 cm in height with fruits weighing 10-15 g. With the onset of cold weather, plants from the street can be taken home to prolong fruiting. Pinching “stepsons” and shaping is not required for this tomato hybrid.

Number of seeds in one package:0,1g (~20-25 seeds).


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