Tomato Brandywine Yellow 0.1g 0,85
Tomato Balcony Yellow H 0,1g 0,85

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6 in stock

(Solanum lycopersicum) The hybrid belongs to interminant weakly branching tomatoes of early ripening. Outwardly, the variety is a well-formed plant: a powerful trunk 160-170 cm high, a large amount of dark green foliage, practically does not give stepchildren. Ripening occurs 90-98 days after germination. It is famous for its juicy pulp and excellent sweet taste. Inflorescences of a simple type. The first appears after the 6th or 7th sheet. The brushes are strong, each develops 4-5 rounded tomatoes. The fruits are flat-round with a small nose at the top, bright red, without a greenish spot at the stem. They have a dense, fleshy structure, the number of chambers is 4-6.

Number of seeds in one package:0,1g.



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