Tomato Belfort F1 7pcs 1,90
Tomato Malinowy Olbrzym 0,5g 1,10

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7 in stock

(Solanum lycopersicum) Fruit ripening occurs on the 107-115th day after full emergence. The plant is indeterminate, branched, foliage is average. Medium sized leaf, green. The inflorescence is simple. The first inflorescence is laid over the 9th leaf, the next – after 3 sheets. The fruit is flat-round, slightly ribbed, glossy, the color of the immature fruit is light green, the mature one is red. Fruit weight 121-145 g (up to 180 g). Fruit taste is good. Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus, fusarium, verticillium. The value of the hybrid: suitability for low-volume technology, high yield and marketability of products, large-fruited, resistance to low light

Number of seeds in one package: 7pcs

Packaged professional seeds.

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