Tomatoes Cristal F1 6pcs 1,60
Tomatoes Belfast F1 7pcs 1,90

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4 in stock

(Solanum lycopersicum) Ralli F1 is a very early, highly productive, indeterminate tomato hybrid. It enters fruiting 55 days after planting seedlings. Strong semi-open plant with short internodes, powerful root system. The fruits are very beautiful, heavy, rounded, slightly ribbed, quite dense, weighing 250-300 g. The fruits on the first racemes are larger. Taste is high. The hybrid is resistant to verticillium and fusarium wilt, cladosporiosis, nematode, mosaic virus and tomato bronze spot virus. It is recommended for cultivation on soils in glass and film greenhouses in winter-spring and spring-summer turnover.

Number of seeds in one package: 7 pcs.

Packer:”Agrimatco Latvia”.

Packaged professional seeds.

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