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11 in stock

Mid-season variety. From sowing to ripening about 80-85 days. The shape of the fruit is round, the peel is medium green with small green stripes, thin, dense. The flesh is deep red, firm, sweet and aromatic. Fruit weight 9-13 kg. The variety is characterized by high yield, transportability, resistance to fusarium and anthracnose. Watermelon is very demanding on light and heat, heat-resistant, drought-resistant. Undemanding to soil fertility. It grows well on light sandy and sandy soils.Does not tolerate acidic soils. It responds well to mineral fertilizers (especially phosphate) and organic (rotted manure and humus). In the conditions of Latvia, it is recommended to grow watermelon through seedlings, which are 30-35 days old. Planted in open ground under temporary film shelters or in greenhouses in the last decade of May.

Quantity of seeds in one package: 1g.

Manufacturer: Toraf

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