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Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Pasadena. Height: 50 cm.

In order for the hippeastrum to bloom profusely, it is necessary to properly fertilize the plants during the growth period and the dormant period for about three months in autumn and winter. In order for the hippeastrum bulbs to ripen properly, at the beginning of August, the plants are “put to sleep” – the hippeastrum is no longer fertilized, watering is gradually stopped, the hippasers taken outside are protected from precipitation. Before the autumn frosts, the hippeastrum is brought back into the room. When the leaves are completely dry, the plants are placed in a dark place at a temperature of + 15 … + 20 ° C. Bulbs stored at lower temperatures will not bloom. Water sparingly from time to time. Hippeastrum should not dry out so much that the roots die off. Watering the hippeastrums is resumed when the bulb flower has grown to about 5 cm in length. If the hippeastrum is watered before the inflorescence appears, the leaves develop, and not the inflorescence develops, the plant will not bloom. It blooms once a year – in spring, from February to April. During flowering, it is important to fertilize the hippeastrum with a fertilizer intended for blooming flowers. The dormant period (from late August to October) is very important for hippeastrum, as the flower head develops during the dormant period. Hippeastrum flowering next year depends on the number of leaves in the post-flowering period. Leaves should not be cut unless one of them is broken or fused at the end, which may prevent further development of the bulb.

Onion size 26/28.

1 piece.

Made in Poland.

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