Basil mini Purple Ball 20pcs 2,40
Holy Basil THULSI 0,5g 2,25

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3 in stock

(Ocimum basilicum L) Annual spicy plant with fragrant leaves. Decorative spherical leaves. It is not tall, up to 20 cm tall, and because of its small leaves, it is especially recommended to grow it all year round in pots on windowsills, as well as in herbal compositions. The leaves can be eaten fresh or dried. They are used in salads, sauces, cheese, meat and vegetable dishes.

Basil is grown in the field, in greenhouses and in pots. The minimum required temperature for germination of basil seeds is 15°C, the germination time is about 12-15 days.

Number of seeds in one package: 0,6g


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