Carrot Nantes 3 on a 6m tape 1,80
Basil Red 0.5g 0,70

6 in stock


6 in stock

(Daucus carota) – SEED TAPE is a very early and productive variety, ideal for harvesting. It develops cylindrical roots 12 – 15 cm long, with blunt ends that do not bifurcate. The bright orange flesh is tasty and juicy. This variety is intended for direct consumption and the preparation of delicious juices, purees, salads and pies. It tastes great both raw and cooked.
Seeds on a tape – very simple and convenient! The seeds are carefully prepared for sowing and placed between two thin layers of tape, which is completely soluble in a moist environment. The total length of the tape is 6 m.

Packed :6m

Manufacturer: Pnos.

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