Courgette Zucchini Di Nizza 2g 0,70
Melon Emir H 1gò 1,40

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5 in stock

(Cucurbita pepo L. var. giraumonas) Early variety (55 days) squash round type. The fruit weight is 400-800 g. The color is dark green.

For zucchini, light, fertile soils with low groundwater are most suitable; it does not tolerate acidic soils. Before planting, the site is dug up and fertilized with organic and mineral fertilizers, as well as ash, and lime if necessary. Sowing of seeds is carried out in late May – early June (after the spring frosts have passed). Seeds are sown in holes of 2-3 pcs. The distance between the holes is at least 60 cm. Further care consists in regular watering, loosening, hilling and top dressing. Fruits are harvested regularly with an interval of 2-3 days, preventing them from overripening.

Number of seeds in one package:1,5g.


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