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The concentrated high-quality organic fertilizer of universal application. Contains essential nutrients for plant growth. Granules are obtained in the process of fermentation and drying. Free from weed seeds and pathogens. After the application of granules, soil fertility improves – an increase in the humus content in the soil improves the physical and biochemical properties of the soil. Use: Suitable for fertilizing all crops, from small gardeners to professional growers. Fertilization can be carried out from early spring until the end of the growing season, suitable for use both in open ground and under cover (in pots, greenhouses) for plants growing in pots, container plants, balcony boxes. Fertilizer granules allow precise sowing. If a fertilizer granule gets into a dry/dark/shady place, it does not lose its properties and effectiveness for 5 years. Fertilizer can be applied by spreading granules with approximate doses: Vegetables (100-150 g/m2); strawberries (200-300g/m2); asparagus (150-200 g/m2); potatoes (80-130 g/m2); flowers (200-300 g/m2) for plants grown in pots, containers and balcony boxes (10 g/1 l of soil); 2-5 kg ​​of fertilizer per 1 fruit tree; creepers (300-500g / 1 bush); meadows (100-150 g/m2). One handful of granulated cattle manure contains about 40 g of fertilizer. Fertilizer can also be used by preparing a solution: 1 kg of fertilizer is dissolved in 5 liters of water. The solution is kept for 14 days, stirring from time to time. Dilute the prepared working solution – 1 liter of solution per 20 liters of water. Stir thoroughly before watering.

Packing: 4kg

Made in Poland.

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