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Cucumber Wisconsin SMR 58 5g 1,30

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8 in stock

(Cucumber sativus L) Cucumber Lenara F1 is a parthenocarpic hybrid of the gherkin type. Refers to early ripe and resistant to temperature extremes varieties. It is grown both on open ground and in greenhouses of various types. The vegetation period of Lenary F1 is 40-45 days. Fruits grow up to 13 cm, 3 cm in diameter, weighing up to 120 g. The shape is an elongated ellipse with small tubercles and white spikes (see photo). Greens are about the same size. The color is dark green with longitudinal stripes of light color. The skin is loose, the pulp is juicy, fragrant and crispy, not bitter.

Number of seeds in one package: 10pcs

Packaged professional seeds.

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