Lobularia (Alyssum) Snowcloth 1g 0,60
Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy 0.5g 1,10

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5 in stock

(Paulownia tomentosa) Paulownia, or Adam’s tree, is a deciduous tall tree. The trunk is straight, the crown is spreading. The leaves are opposite, on long petioles. The flowers are large, purple-lilac, sometimes almost white, in paniculate inflorescences at the ends of the shoots. Growing paulownia from seeds is both easy and difficult. Basic principle: do not bury the seeds underground! Paulownia has very small and light seeds. Seeds are sown in cassettes with fertile soil, lighting is organized and the soil is regularly moistened.

The number of seeds in one package: 0.1g.

Manufacturer: Toraf.

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