Petunia Easy Wave Formula Mix 5pcs 1,80
Petunia OPERA F1 White 5pcs 1,60

14 in stock


14 in stock

Ampelous petunia blooms all season, forming a large number of powerful, hard stems, up to 1.5 meters long. It has an unusual growth rate and power, forming many hundreds of flowers (about 5 cm in size). It recovers much better than other petunias after rains and strong winds. Blooms until frost.
Can be used for large containers, baskets, and as a ground cover. One plant in a flowerbed grows over an area of ​​about 2 square meters. m. The type of plant depends on the proximity of the plants to each other. When planting in flower beds, a distance of 70 cm (minimum 35 cm) is recommended, otherwise the plants will stretch upward. Plants need good lighting and regular fertilizing after planting in the ground with each watering.

Number of seeds in one package: 5 pcs. (seeds in granules).

Granule is a mixture of organic and mineral fertilizers.

Manufacturer: “Muller Seeds”

Semi-professional seeds. Prepackaged seeds from large bags for professionals. The assortment that we create ourselves, based on your request and needs!

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