Tomato Nerondo H 7pcs 5,70
Strawberry Yellow Cream 0,1g 1,20

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2 in stock

(Fragaria vesca L) Strawberry variety Regina is remontant, medium-early ripening. It bears fruit from July, throughout the summer, until frost. The average fruit weight is 3-5 g. In diameter, the berries reach a size of 3 cm. Strawberries of the Regina variety yield a crop already in the year of planting, with early sowing. The transportable properties of strawberries of the Regina variety are excellent. It can be transported over long distances without any problems, it is not damaged and does not flow, while maintaining commercial qualities. Regina is resistant to diseases, pests and has a high winter hardiness. At temperatures below -25 degrees and the absence of snow cover, a light shelter made of coniferous spruce branches or non-woven agromaterial is recommended.

Number of seeds in one package:0,1g.


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