Tomato Yellow Gazzi Ribbet 10pcs 1,60
Cucumber Monolit F1 10pcs 1,10

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10 in stock

(Solanum lycopersicum) Series ”MAXI”. A late-ripening variety of large-fruited tomato with an unusual color and segmented seed chambers, belonging to the “beefsteak” tomato variety. Fruits reach a weight of 500 g or more. It is used for preparation of appetizers, salads and sauces. The hybrid is intended for cultivation in greenhouses.

 The best temperature for growing tomatoes is +20 + 32 ° C. When fruits ripen, plants require much more water than young plants. Water under the root – the leaves and the lower part of the plant should remain dry

Number of seeds in one package: 40 pcs.

Producer:’’ Semo’’.

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