Preservative for cut flowers 5g 0,25

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5 in stock

Even without any additives, coco becomes the optimal environment for growing plants, vegetables and flowers. One of the main advantages is ease of use. Before using the coconut substrate, it only needs to be soaked in warm water 1:4 for 20 minutes, then mixed and used as directed.


– Seedling. Grow in pure coconut flakes or in combination with vermiculite and 1:1 compost. Next, you need a transplant into the soil with useful substances.

– Indoor flowers. The earth in flowerpots quickly caking, which is why the plants are highly developed. You can fix the problem if you mix nutrient soil with coconut substrate 1: 1 during planting.
–  Sowing seeds. To grow the seed material of vegetables and flowers in the greenhouse and on the beds, the grooves with the seeds are sprinkled with a coconut substrate. Takkam growth will be easy to taste.
– Mulching. If there is a lot of substrate left after the seedlings, it will crumble between the plants and under the bushes. After some time, the coconut fiber will rot, turning into organic fertilizer.

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