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Cucumber Mirabella F1 10pcs 1,60

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8 in stock

(Cucumis sativus) Cucumber Balkan F1 is an early parthenocarpic hybrid. Grown in greenhouses and outdoors. The recommended planting rate is 2.5-3 plants / sq.m. Plant of balanced type, with good vigor of growth, short internodes and bouquet type of ovary. It enters the fruiting phase already 35-45 days after planting in a permanent place of growth. Responsive to fertilization. It is immune to cucumber mosaic virus, cladosporiosis, powdery mildew. Cucumbers Balkan F1 grow up to 12-13 cm in length. The average weight is 110-120 g. The pulp is juicy, crispy, with a small amount of seeds, with a characteristic taste of field cucumber and a pronounced aroma. No bitterness. The skin is thin, dark green.

Number of seeds in one package: 10 pcs.

Manufacturer: “Syngenta” (Nīderlande)”.

Packer: IK Ķirbītis.

Packaged professional seeds.

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