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6 in stock

(Cerinthe major) An annual very showy plant. The bush is medium-sized up to 60 cm high (up to 120 cm in favorable light), branched with slightly drooping strongly leafy shoots ending in an elegant and very attractive inflorescence-curl of delicate purple bell flowers about 3 cm long. The leaves of the Honeywort are elegant, bluish-green with a light densely pressed to the stems with a waxy coating, finely serrated along the edge. At the tips of drooping thin shoots, the leaves acquire a lilac-blue hue. Cultivation of honeywort from seeds begins in February-March. Seeds are laid out for a day on a wet canvas, and then deepen 1-1.5 cm into the garden soil mixture. Blooms profusely until late autumn. Regardless of where the plant is placed, in a pot or in a flower garden, a brightly lit place should be chosen for it.

Number of seeds in one package: 1g

Manufacturer: “Seklos”.


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