hot pepper (chilli) Orange Koral 0,6g 2,25
hot pepper (chilli) Bhut Jolokia Yellow 15pcs 4,00

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14 in stock

(Capsicum chinense) Pepper is an extremely hot variety. In 2012, Scorpio was included in the Guinness Book of Records. When planting, it is necessary to limit its contact with other plants, especially sweet varieties of pepper. Late-ripening to full maturity takes about 150 days after germination. The bush is tall, 1-1.5 meters, with rounded, slightly corrugated leaves. The fruits are small, rounded, strongly tuberous, covered with dents, have elongated spouts. They reach 8-10 cm in length. The walls are no more than 2 mm. Floral-fruity aroma with pronounced citrus notes. The taste of unripe fruits is not very burning, fruity notes can be distinguished in it. Ripe peppers are extremely spicy, eating them fresh is dangerous for mucosal burns. The most burning part is the seeds, gloves are required on contact.
The sharpness on the Scoville scale is about 1,200,000 units.

Number of seeds in one package: 10pcs

Producer: ’’Semo’’.

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