hot pepper (chilli) Trinidad Moruga Scorpion 10pcs 4,00
hot pepper (chilli) Bhut Jolokia Orange 15pcs 4,00

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2 in stock

(Capsicum chinense x Capsicum frutescens) Extreme hot pepper Bhut Jolokia Yellow . Bushy plants reach a height of 0.8-1.2m. Pepper bushes are branched, with long, lanceolate leaves. Hot peppers are 10-12cm long, 1-1.5cm wide, slightly curved, slightly wrinkled. The walls of fruit-hot peppers are thin. The fruits are ready when they turn yellow. The variety is suitable for growing in greenhouses and in the open field, on the south side. Hot pepper seeds are sown in February, March in planting boxes, ~15 cm long plants with 5-6 true leaves are exhibited in the greenhouse or in the field. Nutrient-rich soil suitable for cultivation. For immediate consumption and canning.

The sharpness on the Scoville scale is about 1,050,000 units.

Number of seeds in one package: 15pcs


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