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(Solanum lycopersicum) Mid-early high-yielding hybrid of the first generation. The bush is determinant, compact. The formation of green mass is average, the leaves are large, dark green. The fruits ripen in bunches of 5-7 pieces. The fruiting period is extended, the last ovaries are formed at the end of summer. Fruits of medium size, flat-round, with pronounced ribbing at the stem. The mass of tomatoes is from 140 to 200 g. In the process of ripening, the color changes from light green to deep red. The pulp is juicy, moderately dense, with a small amount of seeds. The skin is dense, well protecting the fruit from cracking. The taste is pleasant, richly sweet with a slight sourness.

Number of seeds in one package: 20 pcs.

Packer:”Agro D SIA”.

Packaged professional seeds.

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