Pumpkin Waltham Butternut 2g 0,85
Pumpkin Rouge vif d'etampes 2g 0,85

10 in stock


10 in stock

(Cucurbita maxima) High-yielding mid-early gray gourd hybrid with a small seed chamber. Forms whips up to 3.5 meters. The main whip is long. Leaf of medium size, green, undivided. Each plant produces 2-4 fruits with a diameter of 30 cm or more. The fruit is flat-round, gray, without a pattern, segmented, smooth. Fruit weight – 5-5.5 kg. The pulp is orange, medium thickness, crispy, dense, medium juicy, sweet. Seed nest of medium size, placentas of medium density. The hybrid has a high keeping quality.

Number of seeds in one package: 5pcs.

Packer:”Agrimatco Latvia”.

Packaged professional seeds.

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