Pumpkin Krupnoplodnaya 5pcs 2,50
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6 in stock

(Cucurbita pepo) White ribbed pumpkin. The fruits are attractive in appearance, light in color. It grows weighing 4-5 kg. The growing season is 110 days. The pulp is pale yellow, thick, tasty. In food, it can be used for making soups, baking pies, making juice, stews, and pickling. The seeds are dried and eaten fresh or roasted. Ideal for decorating various types of rooms. Can be stored for a long time. The harvest is harvested in September. Forms strings up to 3 meters long.

It is grown both in seedlings and by direct sowing of seeds in the ground (when the threat of frost has passed). The seeding depth is not more than 4 cm. With the seedling method, sowing is carried out in separate pots (8-10 cm in diameter), since it is better to plant plants in the ground with a clod of earth (seedlings should have 2-4 true leaves). Further care consists in loosening the soil, regular watering (in the initial period of cultivation) and fertilizing with complex fertilizers. Pumpkin prefers loose nutrient soils and does not tolerate shading.

Number of seeds in one package: 5pcs.

Manufacturer: Horto. Sweden.

Packaged professional seeds.


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