MALLVA (STOCK-ROSE) Nigra 0,5g 1,20
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11 in stock

(Аllium ursinum L.) perennial herbaceous plant. The bulb is elongated, about 1 cm in diameter. The stem is trihedral, leafless, 30-45 cm high. There are two oval-pointed leaves at the base of the stem (like a lily of the valley). The flowers are white. Umbrella hemispherical, dense, few-flowered. Seeds spherical, black. Bear’s bow grows well in shading. Prefers moist loamy or sandy soils. Vegetates in early spring (early April). Blooms in May-June. Seeds ripen in July.
Propagated by seeds and vegetatively by daughter bulbs, which are laid two or three in the axils of the leaves. Seeds are sown before winter, seedlings appear in April. It reproduces well by self-seeding.

Number of seeds in one package:0,2g.


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