Tomato Berberana F1 10pcs 2,80
Pepper Sweet Anka 0,5g 0,80

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8 in stock

(Solanum lycopersicum) The tomato belongs to the indeterminate type, the height of the bushes of this tomato is 1.6-1.7 m. Tomato bushes require mandatory formation, it is advisable to leave no more than 3 stems, in which case the fruits will be larger and tastier. It is also necessary to regularly remove emerging stepchildren so that the bushes do not thicken. Ripe fruits are pear-shaped, large and fleshy. The mass of fruits is usually 170-200 g, and the weight of the first fruits may be more. The surface of the fruit is strongly ribbed. The peel is thin, rather dense, not prone to cracking. The pulp is fleshy, juicy, inside there can be up to 4-6 seed chambers with an average number of seeds. The taste of the fruit is sweetish, with a slight sourness.

Number of seeds in one package: 5 pcs.

Packer:”Ķirbītis IK”.

Packaged professional seeds.


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