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5 in stock

Multi-germ variety of fodder beet from germination to harvest 145-160 days. Root crops are cylindrical, yellow-orange in color, with white, slightly creamy, juicy pulp. The average weight is up to 6 kg, length is 40 cm. When growing, root crops are buried in the ground by 40%, so they are very easy to collect even by hand, they practically do not get dirty during harvesting. Variety “Ursus Poly” gratefully responds to the introduction of fertilizers and soil fertility. Keeps well until May.

Fodder beet belongs to the crops of early sowing. It is sown in rows, every 50-70 cm, to a depth of 2-3 cm, in early spring, when the soil temperature reaches 7-9 ° C, it is impossible earlier, because. plants may shoot, and later they will not sprout due to lack of moisture.

Estimated consumption of seeds, depending on the calibration, is 100-200 g/hundredth. Thinning beets is a mandatory procedure for the correct formation of plant density. In order for densely planted plants not to take away growth resources from each other, beet seedlings must be thinned out, leaving 3-4 plants per linear meter.

Quantity of seeds in one package: 0.3kg.

Manufacturer: Seklos.

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