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BEGONIA TUBEROUS Illumination Apricot 10SEEDS 1,80

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12 in stock

(Begonia semperflorens ) Plant height 15-20 cm. Medium-sized flowers, early bloomer.

Begonias, or long-blooming ice flowers, bloom profusely until frost. Grows well in dry soil, likes sunny places. The seeds are sown on the surface of the soil, covered with glass or film and placed in a warm, bright place at +22…+24 °C (temperature affects the germination rate). Sprouts appear after 18-22 days. In the dark, they need additional lighting so that the seedlings don’t get overheated. The sprouted plants are very small, so they are picked several times. When the seedlings have formed the first two leaves, pick them, placing them at a distance of 2 cm from each other. Later, it is thinned again, at first the plants are spaced 5 cm apart in the box, then – 10 cm apart. Begonias (ice flowers) are planted in greenery, flower pots, balcony boxes.

Number of seeds in one packet: 40 pcs. (Seeds chopped)
Manufacturer: ”Volmary”.

Semi-professional seeds. Smaller packages for professionals (in large packages), which we create ourselves, based on your request and needs!

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